Stop Slick Rick

Watch this video footage of our nation’s leading elected homophobe* Senator Rick Santorum saying that states should be able to legally deny birth control to anyone for no reason. Then do what you can to help Pennsylvania Dump Santorum.

If his book tour comes to your town, do stop in and say ‘hello!’

U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum confronts liberalism as the primary source of America’s troubles in his first book, It Takes a Family, an account of his conservative philosophy that has already become a campaign football.

Santorum takes on two-working-parent families, divorce, living together before marriage, public education and decades of “failed” liberal policies that he says have weakened the country’s social and moral fiber.
Philly Inquirer, 7/7/05

* There can be no doubt that the biggest, baddest not-elected (thank goodness) homophobe in the U S of stinking A is Fred “g*dhatesf*” Phelps. I’m not linking to him for obvious reasons but you can find him pretty easily. I just checked his web site and it said “Thank god for the London Bombings.” Because those Brits just don’t hate the gays enough for him. Nor does anyone outside his immediate family, for that matter.

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