Thank you, Dreamhost!

I am back into my account! I think the social pressure helped, so thanks to EVERYONE who has been sharing my story. Next up, restoring my Twitter profile, including the content. This looks promising:

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@ruby for sale

A few people now have contacted me about the hacker forum where my Twitter name (with no tweets and no followers) is now available for the low, low price of $70! You have to register on the forum to see it, but the URL is in case you’re curious. My friend Christina actually logged in. …

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Really, Twitter?

You don’t think you can do anything about this? Cause you’re not sure if the account maybe doesn’t belong to the person in control of it? Really??? Thanks to Travis C for the tip about the new Twitter bio. In case anyone is curious, I’m not going to buy my own account back from some …

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Tickets, please

A few folks have asked for my support ticket numbers with Twitter and Dreamhost to follow up. I’m a little nervous about posting them publicly as the hacker might try to engineer that against me. If you have a contact at either company and would like the ticket number, either comment on this post and …

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One last try

Hello, friends. Many of you have helped me by reaching out to your personal contacts who work at Twitter or Dreamhost, and some have even written angry letters to them. I appreciate this support. Although it hasn’t had any visible impact yet, there must be a point at which it can break through the wall. …

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Lalitree is the bomb

Lalitree is the bomb

Catch 22

So Twitter will only respond to, which was associated with @ruby.  The hackers changed @ruby to @notrubyyo, and then deleted it. Who knows what address they have associated with the new @ruby account? My Dreamhost account (which includes DNS) has been hacked and they are also not talking to me because I haven’t …

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Dreamhost gives me the finger

After being a loyal customer for well over ten years, Dreamhost is apparently brushing me off like so much dandruff.  I can’t understand why they’re not concerned about a known malicious hacker having access to their web servers, DNS, e-mail servers, etc.  As you have not provided the primary four digits of the account number …

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Thank you, Apple. Twitter, not so much.

This morning I restored access to my Apple ID and locked out the hacker. I also got this from Twitter, just reinforcing that they do not give a shit about me (one of their first 1,000 users).  Hi, Unfortunately, we need to communicate with you via the email address that has been associated with the …

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Ugh, really?

It’s been over 12 hours since I heard a peep from anyone at Twitter, but several folks I know say they are contacting friends who work there. Meanwhile, I just got an unsolicited password reset e-mail from my secret back-up Twitter account!  Either Twitter is helping me fix the wrong account, or I am under …

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