Apple, not on the case. Neither are PayPal or Dreamhost.

Apparently the entire Apple tech support team is on vacation today?

Seems like it would behoove them to let me talk to a human as soon as possible.

Earlier I got a message about my Apple ID being linked to an iPhone and iCloud, neither of which are things I use. This whole ID is so old and abandoned that I doubt it even has valid credit card attached. Are there any other risks I should be looking for with this?

PayPal and Dreamhost have also not replied to requests that I have submitted via forms or real support addresses. Not. Even. Replied.


I am powerless to stop this, apparently.

The following email address ( was deleted from your Yahoo! account ‎(al********)‎.

To ensure that your account information remains accurate and secure we notify you whenever this information changes.

This change request was made on May 27, 2013 at 04:42pm EDT.

Humans at Twitter

Thanks to all of you who are trying to contact the human beings that you personally know at Twitter.

This afternoon I got a response form someone named Verenski to my request submitted last night via, but all it said was:


I’ve just replied to your other request. Please respond to that other email.



But I didn’t get any other reply! Is the hacker in my Gmail deleting messages? Or did they contact Twitter themselves to make them look legit?

I responded saying I had no other reply from them, but now I imagine I have to wait hours for another response. I wonder if they would be able to call me on the phone?

Twitter / mat: @kathrynyu Sounds like the …

Twitter / mat: @kathrynyu Sounds like the …

Getting started with login verification | Twitter Blog

Getting started with login verification | Twitter Blog

Dreamhost/domain hacked?

I’m starting to think this problem goes back before yesterday. It was on Saturday that I originally noticed that my web site at was messed up. It’s a WordPress site and it was failing to connect to the database.

I tried updating the WP software from my Dreamhost control panel, as this sometimes straightens things out, but it made no difference. Dreamhost is the server for my website, but it’s also the domain name server for and several other domains that I own.

I can’t log in to Dreamhost now, but I did verify that the domain name registration hasn’t changed at least. I’m wondering if the hackers have accessed my address, which currently goes right into my Gmail account. I’m still getting messages sent to that address, but maybe they are too!