Thank you, Apple. Twitter, not so much.

This morning I restored access to my Apple ID and locked out the hacker. I also got this from Twitter, just reinforcing that they do not give a shit about me (one of their first 1,000 users). 


Unfortunately, we need to communicate with you via the email address that has been associated with the original account. Please work with the email provider to secure your email account. I’ve just sent you another email to that email address.

Anyone can enter your username in this form and trigger a password reset: make it more difficult to trigger a password reset, you can enable the option ‘Require personal information to reset my password’ in your account settings under



Notice how there is not even any interest in my archive of tweets, nor my 3,000+ followers. And I have not heard back from Dreamhost, which is the main hurdle in getting access to my e-mail at

Apple, not on the case. Neither are PayPal or Dreamhost.

Apparently the entire Apple tech support team is on vacation today?

Seems like it would behoove them to let me talk to a human as soon as possible.

Earlier I got a message about my Apple ID being linked to an iPhone and iCloud, neither of which are things I use. This whole ID is so old and abandoned that I doubt it even has valid credit card attached. Are there any other risks I should be looking for with this?

PayPal and Dreamhost have also not replied to requests that I have submitted via forms or real support addresses. Not. Even. Replied.


Last night after I went to bed, I got an e-mail verifying my address from Apple. (I had tried earlier to reset my password with them but never got the e-mail.)  Then five minutes later I got notification that Your Apple ID was used to sign in to iCloud on an iPhone 4S.

Of course I don’t have an iPhone. As I mentioned before, the Apple ID was one of the big weaknesses that let hackers dismantle Mat Honan’s digital life.

The only other update is that the bio for was updated, but they still haven’t actually posted anything.