Catch 22

So Twitter will only respond to, which was associated with @ruby.  The hackers changed @ruby to @notrubyyo, and then deleted it. Who knows what address they have associated with the new @ruby account?

My Dreamhost account (which includes DNS) has been hacked and they are also not talking to me because I haven’t successfully proven who I am to them. (Only their customer of about 12 years.)  Their password reset only uses e-mail, no security questions or SMS back up.

Dreamhost are also much slower to respond when they think I’m not a customer so it’s taking forever to get anywhere, and they refuse to talk on the phone.

Dreamhost gives me the finger

After being a loyal customer for well over ten years, Dreamhost is apparently brushing me off like so much dandruff.  I can’t understand why they’re not concerned about a known malicious hacker having access to their web servers, DNS, e-mail servers, etc. 

As you have not provided the primary four digits of the account number in
question, I am unable to verify that this card is on file.

On Tue, 28 May 2013, you wrote:

> Hello? You stopped responding. I can’t express to you the level of
> additional damage that is possible while the hackers are in control of my
> web spaces and domain names!
> Would it be better to call? My number is XXX-XXX-XXXX.
> = Ruby

Unfortunately, due to documentation requirements, phone call back support
is unavailable for abuse and security related issues.

If you have any further questions regarding your DreamHost services,
submit a support request at any time.


Erik N.

And since I can’t get to my address at, Twitter (where I have been a user since 2006) won’t even talk to me. No concern at all about the loss of 17k tweets and 3k followers. When I get home I will tear up the house trying to find whatever freaking credit card I’ve had on my Dreamhost account forever.

Thank you, Apple. Twitter, not so much.

This morning I restored access to my Apple ID and locked out the hacker. I also got this from Twitter, just reinforcing that they do not give a shit about me (one of their first 1,000 users). 


Unfortunately, we need to communicate with you via the email address that has been associated with the original account. Please work with the email provider to secure your email account. I’ve just sent you another email to that email address.

Anyone can enter your username in this form and trigger a password reset: make it more difficult to trigger a password reset, you can enable the option ‘Require personal information to reset my password’ in your account settings under



Notice how there is not even any interest in my archive of tweets, nor my 3,000+ followers. And I have not heard back from Dreamhost, which is the main hurdle in getting access to my e-mail at

That’s the IP address from which my Dreamhost account was reset. 

Also the hacker sympathizer that’s been posting here on my Tumblr is, IP address:, for whatever it’s worth.

Ugh, really?

It’s been over 12 hours since I heard a peep from anyone at Twitter, but several folks I know say they are contacting friends who work there.

Meanwhile, I just got an unsolicited password reset e-mail from my secret back-up Twitter account!  Either Twitter is helping me fix the wrong account, or I am under additional attack. Ugh!