Bye bye, Bubbie

When my mother’s family gathered in Austin at the end of last year, my son Izzy was re-introduced to his great-grandmother. (He couldn’t talk yet the first time he met her.) “Izzy, this is Bubbie.”

“Bubba!” he responded. We thought that was an appropriate nickname for my vivacious grandmother who moved from Long Island to Texas in her late 80’s. She moved to be near one of her daughters, and got a bonus in the shape of her other great-grandchild Abby, who was born in Austin few months after Izzy was born here in Chapel Hill. Grandma Vickie established her painting studio in the garage of her new home (it was in the attic when she lived in New York) and even resumed teaching oil painting lessons as she had done for decades.

This week, she was felled by an infection that her 91-year-old immune system just couldn’t beat. My grandmother was a fabulous woman, and she loved to entertain. Here are pictures of her after I was born in 1971, and dancing at my wedding in 2006. A longer slideshow is at

Mi familia

Two thirds

If you don’t follow my updates on Facebook or Twitter (and I don’t blame you if you don’t), let me just make it official: I’m pregnant!

I didn’t write about it much at first because I had a miscarriage at the end of the first trimester in 2007 and I have been taking nothing for granted this time. But now I am almost done with my second trimester, and there’s no turning back. One way or another, there’s going to be a baby – but hopefully it’s not for another 3 months or so.

Brian and I have been feeling the increased need for communication about the baby and our evolving family, so I spent last weekend bringing back from the brink of death (it had been neglected, attacked by hackers, and then put on ice).

I don’t write a lot about being pregnant, but I probably will have some mildly-entertaining bitching and moaning to share in the coming months. And of course that will be your one-stop shop for pictures, videos, and fascinating anecdotes about the most brilliant and beautiful child soon to grace the 21st century.

So, if that kind of thing is up your alley, come see us at We may or may not be cross-posting family stuff to our other blogs.