What Part of Freedom Don’t You Understand

I am seriously worried about Texas. What the hell is going on down there?

PPFA Press Release:
A CVS Pharmacy in Texas refused Monday to fill a prescription for birth control pills for customer Julee Lacey. Lacey was told that the CVS pharmacist did not �believe� in birth control, and refused to fill the prescription.

CVS� customer service line initially informed callers that CVS supported the pharmacists� actions and that refusing to fill prescriptions based on personal beliefs was in line with CVS policy. Soon afterwards, however, callers to CVS were told their local pharmacist had not followed company policy. …

This is the second time in recent months that pharmacists have imposed personal ideological beliefs on patients in the state of Texas. In February, an Eckerd pharmacist in Denton, Texas, refused to fill a rape survivor�s prescription for emergency contraception, an essential safe and effective tool in the fight against unintended pregnancy. He was subsequently fired for his actions.