Don’t count on impeachment

I see a lot of people celebrating already because they think impeachment is imminent. It’s really not. More importantly, I don’t want people to think impeachment would (will?) save us. It’s a continuation of people who keep thinking this can’t happen here or that somehow the Democrats or courts are going to stop it. They’re …

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Links of the day – If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention

A round up of good stuff I posted on social media recently.

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Stop censorship. Stop PIPA/SOPA.

A blog post I wrote for work at  HASTAC is joining with others around the U.S. and globally on the Internet to protest the outrageous SOPA/PIPA bill that – yes – is still making its way through Congress right now. Major organizations such Wikipedia,Mozilla, and many others are participating in a one-day black out, while others including Google, are using their …

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