I can hardly find words, so I will let my friends at AmericaBLOG.org start:

John @ 1:28 am: …until this party grows a set of balls and gives as good as it gets, it’s going to continue to struggle.
The worst thing we can do is to wake up tomorrow and decide that we need to change our message while keeping the same wimpy messengers in charge of the party. It just doesn’t matter if you’re a liberal-dem waffler or a conservative-dem waffler. If all you change is the message and not the messenger, nothing is going to change.

This is exacly what I’ve been talking
If the Democrats continue to choose leaders like Bowles and Kerry, who
stand for nothing but moderation, they will be left with an agenda that
stands for nothing. I think they’re about 75% of the way there. As much
as I want to get the Evil Ones out of office (more now than ever), I find
it harder and harder to get behind “leaders” who don’t espouse any common
principles or values with me. How long can they expect half the country
to keep loyaly supporting the lesser of two evils?

All that said, I’m not conceding Ohio yet, either.

Michael @ 3:25 am:
Ohio is STILL casting ballots and there are provisional ballots AND
overseas ballots AND absentee ballots. I am disconsolate at this moment that it was even close, much less that Kerry is trailing in the popular vote. But is it too much to ask that we count every vote or at least wait until people have stopped voting in Ohio before calling it a day?

And I also just can’t beleive that in the face of the largest voter
registration and mobilization effort in history that the results would be
almost exactly the same state-by-state asthey were in 2000. That spells Republican foul play and Democratic incompetence.

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