Speak up now to restore democracy in North Carolina

If you live in a “swing state” like North Carolina or Texas, or have more than a passing interest in democracy, you are probably aware of how severely Republicans have gerrymandered state and federal electoral districts. Rather than voters being able to pick our representatives, they have drawn lines to pick the voters they want, and packed the rest of us into as few districts as possible. It’s been remarkably effective and has led to passing legislation like HB2 with total impunity since the GOP leaders know their majority can’t be threatened with the current districts, even though our state actually has way more registered Democrats than Republicans.

Don’t believe it? I just looked up the latest stats from the NC state board of elections, and as of 7/29/17 we had 39% Democrats, 30% Republicans, 30% unaffiliated, and less than 1% Libertarian. (Unaffiliated has been growing rapidly, for good reason. Don’t make the mistake of assuming these are centrist voters.) Meanwhile our NC senate is 70% Republican and our house representatives are 60% Republican.

You might also know that The Supreme Court found that NC’s districts are racially gerrymandered and told the state legislature to redraw them and hold a special election ASAP. I was skeptical that Republicans wouldn’t just redraw them in a way that ensured their majorities but didn’t follow racial lines as closely. But in fact, they haven’t even done that. They have been filing appeals and dragging their feet, as explained in the timeline in this very helpful article by NC Policy Watch, “Republicans silent in wake of court order to draw new maps in one month”.

So the NC house and senate redistricting committees are now taking comments at this form, and they are meeting tomorrow so it’s a great time to let them know that you value representative democracy.

Here’s more information and ways to speak out from Democracy NC.

Header and more excellent maps at the districks blog.

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  1. I sent in my comment:

    I am a mom that grew up in NC and am raising my family here. I have been a registered NC voter since 1990 and have voted at least once every year since then. I am extremely troubled by the extremely unfair voting districts we have now. If you love this state as much as I do, then it should be more important to you that all its residents get their voice at the ballot box than that any particular party have a legislative majority.

    Our districts should never cross municipal lines and should only rarely cross county lines if absolutely necessary. All these contorted lines make it look like those in power don’t think they can win without cheating. Show NC voters that you trust us and let us pick our own representatives!

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