See you in Seattle

Next stop on my March Madness World Tour: Seattle and N-TEN’s 2006 National Technology Conference.

I will be leading a panel featuring the illustrious Alexandra Samuel and Victor D’Allant. We will be in the first session of the first day of the conference so don’t misss out. You snooze you lose. 😉

During the same time slot, we are up against a “speed geek” session on Online Advocacy Tools and it appears that the program (at least online) does not list the people behind each session, so please spread the word!

Here’s a rough description:

Blogging, Tagging, Flickring for the Cause: New Tools and New Strategies

Session Description:

If words like “blogger,” “podcaster,” “aggregator,” “tags,” or “flickr” mean nothing to you – or, even worse, if they have become trendy catch phrases without meaning – you are missing out on the opportunity of a generation. At 15 years old, the Web has grown up and become a rich environment of empowered individuals and free-flowing information. New tools that allow individualization and build communities will be critical for successful organizations in the years to come.

This workshop will focus on the big-picture strategies that take advantage of modern Internet tools, but will also give you a chance to put ideas into practice by documenting the NTC as it happens.

Top Three Takeaways for Session:

1. Discover easy-to-use and affordable tools for online interaction and dynamic publishing, and see how they are being used to promote good causes.
2. Learn about the strategies that will make these tools work successfully for your organization or issue.
3. An opportunity to see these tools in action, and start using them today.

Start Date & Time: Mar 23, 2006 10:30 am

7 thoughts on “See you in Seattle

  1. I don’t blame you, Steve. I would probably do the same.

    In fact, in addition that one and Online Advocacy, we’re also up against “Hot in 2006: The Latest Web Technologies.” WTF? It seems like they put a bunch of similar things all at the same time, that’s not good for any of us.

    Can’t wait to see all of you from the PPFA crew!

  2. Oh wow … sorry Ruby … didn’t realize my comment had gotten cut off … well you got the message anyway … sorry for the “cryptic” post … btw look for email from me in the next few days … got some ideas I’d like to bounce off of you … Cheers!

  3. Sorry I’m gonna miss you this year, Ruby. I’ll be home minding the store while Lynn, Jeff, Michael, Andrew, and Usha will be representin’ BeaconFire (I think Lynn might be the speed geek competition during your timeslot). Have a great time. Hope to see you soon!

  4. That is a bummer, Tim. You will be missed!

    I just noticed yet another session on at the same time as mine that covers similar material: “Age of Openness: Engaging Constituents with User Driven

    In fact, upon further inspection of the agenda, I think I would be pulling my hair out even if I wasn’t leading a session. Almost all of the workshops I want to go in the entire 2 days are all in the same time slot! 🙁

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