March Madness, part 2

Graduation Madness: The Road to the Final 4-Year Degree

Did you know that “Thirty of the sixty-five teams that qualified for the Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament do not meet the minimal academic requirements defined by the NCAA?”

Check out which allows you to browse the men’s and women’s teams by bracket and contact the corporate sponsors to ask for more academic accountability.

1 thought on “March Madness, part 2

  1. Ruby, this does not surprise me in the least. College basketball, at least for men, has always been used as basically just a stepping stone to the NBA. Student Athletes? Please. Now that there are more and more players making the jump directly from high school to the NBA, you get two things. College players that are feeling increasing pressure to get to the NBA at an early age and therefore dropout of school, and programs that are nervous that they will be losing players quickly so they must get out of them what they can as soon as they can. Therefore, academic policies are allowed to lapse, etc. I think the universities are as much to blame as the corporate sponsors, although targeting them might be the way to get the fastest response. Plus, it is always more fun to stick it to the man. Anyway, thanks for the info and the link.

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