Scandals galore, come ‘n get it

The folks who run the parody site have been getting a lot of mail that was intended for accounts at It includes a lot of banter among staffers for the President and his brother Jeb, including discussions of whether certain strategies are legal, remarks about the First Twins, and other stuff that I’m sure is illegal.

Now you can read all of this mail (attachments, too!) at’s Dead Letter Office. Here’s one to Mary Matalin!

From: []
Sent: Monday, October 04, 2004 10:30 AM
Subject: FW: Response to Kerry’s Stem Cell Attack

something needs to be done about this (below). can’t we say something intelligent? can’t Bush announce something progressive like dedicating even more federal funds to stem cells and other, more advanced areas such as cord blood? i am so tired of this nuttiness. (and when he says he was first prez to dedicate funds, the dem retort is that this research was not around several years ago, and amount is insignificant)

when healthcare is discussed next debate, things like stem cells and health care insurance and expensive drugs could bury him. i hope this is registering out there.

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