Presidential e-mail update

As I explained yesterday (and as reported in the Times) the President’s mandatory web contact form requires that the writer indicate which of a limited range of topics she is addressing and whether she intends to agree or disagree with the President in her comments.

Today I got a reponse to my letter from Desiree Thompson, Special Assistant to the President and Director of Presidential Correspondence. Problem #1 is that it is in PDF format. So it prints all pretty, but if I do not have access to Adobe Acrobat, I can’t read it. Bigger problem #2 is that it is a form letter based somely on the topic I chose on the form (and probably my disposition to the POTUS as well). Since there was no topic for “bitching about access to my elected officals,” I chose “Foreign Policy : Human Rights,” since I beleive democratic government is a human right. Here’s their resonse to my letter (original text in yesterday’s post).

the letter
(click to download the PDF, 18k)

By the way, there must have been some kind of huge outcry, as the address now shows up on the Whitehouse web site again. Wonder what happens when you mail it? Stay tuned…

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