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PDF Conference/UnConference These days, folks interested in how the Internet is affecting politics have more than one conference to choose from. My pick for the very best in this increasingly crowded field is the Personal Democracy Forum. The web site and annual conference were founded by Micah Sifry and Andrew Rasiej several years ago.

My only major complaint about the conference has been that it’s too short (only one day), and that it’s overly focused on folks with famous names. Fortunately, this year PDF is also having an unConference, the perfect antidote to my concerns. I’ll be there talking about local blogging and who knows what else.

They’re also using a snazzy system that allows participants to make their own profiles, write reviews of sessions, and build networks with each other (of course). For example, here’s my profile. I’ll be moderating a very challenging, but hopefully also very mind-opening, session called “Is Cyberspace Colorblind? Addressing Race and Class Online.”

Follow the PDF2007 tag to see what emerges.

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