A brave new world

Here’s a quick note to share some big news. I am leaving my job at Netcentric Campaigns, and am on the hunt for new adventures (after I take a short break to reset my brain and go to Netsquared)!

A lot of friends and colleagues have suggested that I should go back to freelance consulting, but I’m leaning more toward an organizational setting where I can be a part of a supportive and stable community. Right now, I could be convinced to do either if it was for the right opportunity.

So what would make an opportunity “right” for me? I hope to spend more time contemplating this to ensure that I land in the right place, but here’s what I know I need:

  • Collaborative organizational structure supported by democratic management.
  • Openness to innovation at the strategic and technological levels.
  • Ability to telecommute and/or be based in central North Carolina. Frequent travel is fine, however.
  • Passion for what I’m doing. There are many, many things I care deeply and get excited about including… making government more democratic, ending the war, promoting women’s rights and leadership, getting progressives and/or bloggers involved in local government, electing non-Republicans, amplifying otherwise-excluded voices… of course the list could go on and on.

I am watching NOI jobs, nonprofit tech jobs, and Craig’s List, and I have a promising job interview (!) tomorrow. But I also want to know what else might be out there in the wide world of Advocacy 2.0. There is also this little campaign nearby, should I be thinking about that?

4 thoughts on “A brave new world

  1. A woman working on the Edwards campaign who lives in Durham spoke the other night to the Orange County Democratic Women. She said there are tons of volunteer opportunities, many options to choose from, with variable time commitments, and that it was really exciting to be involved with a national campaign.

    She also said that the reason you don’t see Edwards posters in the windows any more is that they violated the Southern Village covenants!

  2. Have you considered M+RSS? I’ve been tracking them for a while, and they look like a good firm with a great client list. They have several offices (NYC

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