Newsflash: TV is still stupid

I wasn’t going to write about this, but now I’ve gone and commented on about it so what the hell.

Last night The Daily Show addressed the cable news networks’ pathetic attempts to capitalize on the popularity of blogs. Brian and I lived through a pretty obnoxious of example of this stupidity last week. On a Wednesday MSBNC segment hosted by Ron Reagan and a blond woman whose name I missed (darn), the blog “expert”* showed them our wedding site which basically uses the web to do something that ordinarily happens offline – friends and family help us to plan our wedding.

After the “expert” ham-handedly failed to explain open source software, Reagan’s co-host mistook herself for a friend and offered me some unsolicited advice. Fortunately our website does not allow idiots like her to post, and I will not be wearing a garbage bag in the ceremony as she suggested. Why our site is even considered noteworthy beyond our circle of friends is beyond me, but I guess MSNBC saw an opportunity to give one last kick to those geeks they picked on in high school and they just couldn’t resist.

Here is the video ( it is hosted by a childish conservative blog,, who are big fans of inane programming). We are mentioned about 2/3 of the way through.

* Some guy named Tony who trolls blogdex for 5 minutes apparently qualifies to be an expert on “the blogosphere.” Who knew?

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