NC State 70 – Duke 65

It’s unusual for me to root for NC State, they’re Carolina‘s #2 rival. But our chief rival and bogeyman is Duke. In today’s ACC semi-final, NC State (#4) beat the undefeated Duke. I love this for so many reasons:

  1. As a true Carolina fan, it’s always nice to see Duke lose. (The Waner sisters and their ponytails are especially bile-inducing for me.)
  2. State played really well in spite of several injuries and three bad foul calls against Gillian Goring who fouled out. And it’s great to see the success of NC State coach Kay Yow who fought back breast cancer to re-take the helm of her team mid-way through this season.
  3. If Carolina wins the other semi-final (starting right now) I’d rather have us play State, with whom we are one and one this year, than Duke, who beat us twice and who was undefeated this year until today.

Woo hoo. Go Wolfpack and GO HEELS!

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