Looking back makes me look ahead

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Tonight’s showing of Norwood Cheek‘s “Young Rock” compilation of rock videos with bits of local stuff in between was amazing! When I saw those videos 10 years ago, I thought the whole thing was a little trite, but now it has become a powerful document of Chapel Hill and Carrboro, as well as the ‘indie rock’ scene of the era.

Images of the old Cat’s Cradle (and many people’s uncertainty over whether it would survive that homeless era)… Mama Dip at her old location… the basement of the party house on Pritchard Avenue (still having parties)… Al (still at Al’s Garage)… Merge Records (now gone to Durham)…Bill Smith (still the chef at Crook’s Corner)… Frank Heath remembering the old old old Cat’s Cradle at Rythm Alley… and a lot of my friends with less gray hair and more energy than they have now!

I came away from it certain that we are not making enough music videos these days! We need to get to work. I guess the Flicker workshops at the ArtsCenter on Saturday are a good start.

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