Holy Invasion of Privacy, Batman!

First they want to tell us who we can fuck/love/marry. Then they wanted our medical records to see if we had a morally-unapproved abortions. Now the "Transportation Security Administration said Tuesday that it planned to require all airlines to turn over records on every passenger carried domestically in June, so the agency could test a new system to match passenger names against lists of known or suspected terrorists." (New York Times).

I have good reason to be concerned because, a) I fly all the time for work, and b) as someone who is publicly opposed to the Bush Administration (and have been since the first one) I am surely on a few lists somewhere. It may sound paranoid, but I know people who have been bugged, it can happen.

I’m suprised Ashcroft hasn’t banned the ACLU yet. Here’s a hysterical view of the makover he’d like to give you (and me, of course).

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