Local(ish) director makes the big time on the small screen

So I was just watching the Daily Show with a friend and this lo fi commercial comes on. I remarked that this looked like the kind of movie folks in Chapel Hill make (thinking of the wonderful Flicker film festival/series).

At the end of the commercial, it says it was made by Steve Daniels. Well shit! I have seen this guy’s stuff at Flicker many times. He’s from South Carolina and drives up to Chapel Hill for our Flicker shows. If you have seen it, you will never forget the film “Just The Kiss Of The Hops” about two men’s feud about the superiority of PBR versus High Life. I think he also made a short film about people who race lawnmowers.

Apparently Steve’s film was selected in a contest by the company (great way to get good ideas for cheap). Congrats Steve! Don’t forget us little people when you’re a big hollywood director, y’hear?

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