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Tim Bishop (aka Geodog) took some great Notes from the Activism session at NetSquared on Tuesday. I think our session “Activism: when emailing your congressperson doesn’t quite feel like enough…” went well, but after attending “Gender and the social web: new tools, same…stuff?” I think it could have been organized much better to have more audience particiption better conversation.

Susan Mernit, who led the gender session, had each speaker give a brief intro to the topic and then threw some focused questions out to the entire room. It was a really interesting and insightful conversation, but it seems Lisa Stone is still measuring the success of BlogHer by it’s acceptance by the male-dominated blogerati!

Here are my notes and conversation (typos and all) from the gender session in the hallway. I have edited out the comments that were simultaneous form other sessions…

May 30, 16:39:33 PDT> Ruby: Susan had each speaker give a brief intro to the issues, and is now asking the audience to talk about technologies that they think are…

May 30, 16:39:54 PDT> Ruby: …open to people across gender.

May 30, 16:40:16 PDT> Susan 10b: “susan had each speaker” susan who?

May 30, 16:40:35 PDT> Ruby: (gender) some speakers have touched on the fact that women are using the internet more and more, and the different ways they communicate.

May 30, 16:40:38 PDT> Susan 10b: and what are they coming up with ?

May 30, 16:41:15 PDT> Ruby: (gender) an audience member is comparing Guerilla News Network – 85% male – with her organization Youth Noise Network which was 85% female until a year and a half ago.

May 30, 16:41:51 PDT> Ruby: (gender) I think Rob is in here too. Weigh in, people…

May 30, 16:44:42 PDT> Ruby: (gender) interesting diuscussion about where women feel safe participating online

May 30, 16:44:55 PDT> Emily: sounds interesting Ruby

May 30, 16:45:43 PDT> Ruby: (gender) an audience member is pointing out some the sexism that is built into myspace.

May 30, 16:45:58 PDT> Ruby: (gender) “sexism is alive on the internest because it is alivein real life”

May 30, 16:46:13 PDT> Susan 10b: how is sexism alivein myspace?

May 30, 16:46:21 PDT> quixotic: ruby, what are they saying about myspace?

May 30, 16:46:32 PDT> Susan 10b: y, how is it sexist, Ruby?

May 30, 16:46:58 PDT> Ruby: she talked about how it sexually agressive in gfeneral, but also how the search tool defaults ot searching for females and stuff like that.

May 30, 16:47:43 PDT> quixotic: i think it’s interesting to note which SNSes require you pick one of two genders, which have more than two, and which allow you to not specify it.

May 30, 16:48:02 PDT> Ruby: Agree, Qixotic.

May 30, 16:53:21 PDT> Ruby: ((gender) quote of the day: my boyfriend solves technical problems by digging to the bottom, etc. etc. “but I’m like: just fucking fix it!” – Elisa Camahort. πŸ™‚

May 30, 16:53:34 PDT> Susan 10b: love that!!

May 30, 16:54:00 PDT> Ruby: (gender) The whole room cracked up.

May 30, 16:54:00 PDT> KevinMarks: ruby: sometimes gaffertape is a good answer, sometimes you do need ot fix the whole thing

May 30, 16:55:27 PDT> Ruby: (gender) folks are talking about how women shouldn’t apologize for what they don’t know.

May 30, 16:56:30 PDT> Ruby: (gender) someone suggested a women’s barcamp. I wuld totally be into that.

May 30, 16:56:39 PDT> Sarah Pullman: womens’ barcamp: yes.

May 30, 17:03:19 PDT> Ruby: (gender) there are 3 women-led drupal shops: floatleft.org, pingvision.com, and colorful visions (?)

May 30, 17:03:56 PDT> quixotic-ivan: ruby — i think antharia also uses drupal

May 30, 17:04:30 PDT> Ruby: Are you sure Ivan?

May 30, 17:04:49 PDT> quixotic-ivan: ruby, i’m not sure

May 30, 17:05:18 PDT> quixotic-ivan: oop, no, sorry, just checked and they have their own CRM

May 30, 17:05:43 PDT> Ruby: (gender) billy bicket askes if blogher is organizing men who “get it”

May 30, 17:06:03 PDT> Ruby: I thought so. re: Anthanria.

May 30, 17:06:05 PDT> Susan 10b: billy would ask that! πŸ˜‰

May 30, 17:06:19 PDT> Susan 10b: he gets it

May 30, 17:09:11 PDT> Ruby: (gender) Lisa Stone is talking about how many men are finally getting over their resentment and getting on board with BlogHerCon.

May 30, 17:09:43 PDT> Ruby: (gender) by example, Dave Winer says he’s going, which is a bit of a disincentive for me. πŸ™

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  1. Ruby, I had the exact same thought about the way they structured this for conversation and my own panel on tagging. It was great to see you!

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