It’s no secret: Bush sucks

Yes of course I’m shocked by Bush spying on us illegally. All of his assurances mean nothing now that even ignorant Americans suspect that he’s about as likely to lie to us as he is to stumble onto the truth.

But what I’m really surprised about is that the New York Times is quoting research done by USA Today!

According to an article in USA Today, the National Security Agency has been secretly collecting telephone records on tens of millions of Americans with the cooperation of the three largest telecommunications companies in the nation. The scope of the domestic spying described in the article is breathtaking. The government is reported to be working with AT&T, Verizon and BellSouth to collect data on phone calls made by untold millions of customers.

President Bush has insisted in the past that the government is monitoring only calls that begin or end overseas. But according to USA Today, it has actually been collecting information on purely domestic calls. One source told the paper that the program had produced “the largest database ever assembled in the world.”

Ever-Expanding Secret – New York Times

I also noticed that USA Today has RSS feeds. I might have to start checking in with them more often.

1 thought on “It’s no secret: Bush sucks

  1. Really shocking when I heard this the first time. But, then again, not surprising – given the perceived paranoid personality of the US President. In the rest of the world, we were so disappointed that he won a second term in office, if I may say so. We did NOT expect the American people to CONTINUE to believe the lies.

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