Chat with Esther

Esther Dyson’s keynote speech is being done in the format of an interview with Andrew Blau. Having seen her speak once before, I think this format led to more disjointed thought and less big picture, but I’m guessing this was done because Esther just fishished running her own conference, PC Forum.

Rosa’s Bar

Rosa's Bar Rosa's Bar

Somehow Rob Stuart coaxed about 10 of us into a limo (I think that part was an accident) for the “12 minute” trip to Rosa’s, his favorite place in Chicago. This place is all blues, all the time. The band is decent and sporting a Japanese piano player (which doesn’t sound any different but the mixture of ethnicities of stage is unusual).

A few weak souls already caught a cab home, and I will stick it out for at least one more drink, but I have to send invites for a party I’m hosting before I go to bed tonight. The days are just packed, I tell you.

Is “Microsoft security” an oxymoron?

I’m really glad that Kaliya was paying enough attention to write about what was wrong with the Microsoft guy speaking over lunch at the NTC today. I was one of the hundreds of people who signaled my appreciation for Microsoft by talking loudly all the way through the (very poorly designed) presentation.

Her bottom line on the security guy: can’t trust him.

I appreciate all the money they gave to help sponsor this excellent conference, but the big commercial was un-called-for and probably not that helpful to anyone either.

Getting things done with open source

The session on Civic Space and CiviCRM is dimly lit by the glow of the computer screens. I know about Civic Space and I’m interested in maybe using it on sometime in the distant future. But I haven’t heard about the CRM (constituent relationship management) thing, which is something we’re looking for at work to manage an internal contact database.
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