Support the protesters that are supporting the earth for all of us! #NoDAPL

The camps that are leading the resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline need your support. There are numerous different camps that exist at Standing Rock. Each serving a different role and responsibility. We know that it can be confusing as to who to support. So please take a moment to read about each camp we …

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Gratitude and mindfulness

So thankful to have a mindfulness practice and to receive this insightful and badly-needed Buddhist perspective from a senior disciple of Thich Nhat Hanh.

Also appreciating the wise tweets of Buddhist teacher and author Ethan Nichtern right now. Among all the fake Buddhist ideas, the idea of maintaining “neutrality” is the most damaging now. It’s about being truthful, not neutral.

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Why do we need mindfulness at school?

Both adults and children can benefit from mindfulness training, especially in the sometimes-challenging public school environment. Mindfulness is simply the practice of training our brain to be aware of our feelings, our bodies, and our environment in the present moment. Although it is an ancient and sometimes-spiritual practice, it is increasingly being used in everyday settings such as corporate businesses and fitness centers and… schools

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A great leap forward

Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the Fellowship of Reconciliation were all founded between 1915 and 1920. I usually refer to organizations this old as “dinosaurs” due to the incredible inertia that comes from being so big and being around for so many decades. I am really impressed with my …

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Working for peace

Almost a month ago, I wrote about leaving my job at Netcentric Campaigns in search of something that would make me happier while continuing my own growth professionally and personally. I laid out what I wanted from a new job: Collaborative organizational structure supported by democratic management. Openness to innovation at the strategic and technological …

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Welcome, Earthlyn

I just renewed my lapsed membership the Buddhist Peace Fellowship in honor of their new new Executive Director. Since they are based in San Fransisco, I don’t know much about their internal workings, but I know there have been some stumbles in the past. (Like when Diana Winston, who founded their incredible BASE program, was …

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Right speech

Right speech is one of the steps on the Eight-fold Path in Buddhism. The path is the way to end suffering, which is one of the Four Noble Truths. While contemplating the new year, I have been thinking about this step and about working to be more conscious of my speech (both verbal and written) …

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Fundamental Truth at the DNC

I guess I was too busy being cynical last night to notice the Buddhist influence in John Edwards’ speech. Like all of us, I have learned a lot of lessons in my life. Two of the most important are that first, there will always be heartache and struggle–you can’t make it go away. But the …

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