Impact of activist documentaries

So I was reading Wonkette talking about the brave actions of a few congressional democrats who challenged the legitimacy of the November presidential election. This was a symbolic move that we all knew would not change the outcome. The few of us who still have any principles feel that it is important to raise your voice on critical issues even when you know you won’t get your way.

If you saw Fahrenheit 9/11, then you will recall that a number of African American congresspeople also tried to challenge the 2000 election results, which were way more questionable than this year’s (the Republicans appear to be getting better at covering their tracks and controlling the media). Although at least a dozen black Represenatives spoke against the results, not a single member of the Senate would stand up and do so, which was required for their challenge to be heard. It was an embarrasment for the entire Democratic party (in retrospect) that they left those brave Representatives flapping and didn’t have the balls to stand up for free and fair elections in this country.

Well I wrote all that to tell you this: when it came time to certify this recent election, a challenge was raised again. This time a Senator stood up to join the challenge! It was Senator Barbara Boxer (she’s not bad for a Democrat) and she specifically cited Fahrenheit 9/11’s documentation of Democratic cowardice in her decision to not be a chicken this time. Wonkette wrote: “Election certified after rare objection voiced by Stephanie Tubbs Jones and Boxer; Boxer, inspired by Michael Moore, regrets not objecting in 2000. ”

Hurrah for activist documentaries! You can have an impact – don’t give up hope.

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