Don’t start my suicide watch just yet, but…

In addition to the death and dismemberment of my family and friends that I reported yesterday, I just learned that my grandmother is in intensive care since her body apparently decided breathing on it’s own was getting a little too hard. She probably won’t be able to return to independent living when she gets out of the hospital this weekend. This means the Sinreiches are ramping up the search for assisted living facilities ASAP. If you know of any good ones, preferably in or near the Bronx, let me know. We would be especially happy to find one with a good number of of progressive residents so she’ll have someone to talk to. Are there any Old Socialist Homes out there?

I’ve been thinking a lot about my friend whose right arm was blown off in Iraq on Saturday. My initial relief that he is coming home alive is fading and I am starting to get really upset about the idea. I am picturing him without most of the arm, thinking about all the lost opportunities… he’s the same age as me! It’s so awful.
Thank goodness he is an engineer and mostly works with his brain. I know he won’t let this get in the way of personal or professional acheivement.

Even though I disagreed with his reasons for joining the Marines (before 9/11), and with our country’s reasons for going to war, this still should never happen to anyone. And yet it does happen, every day. More Americans – and even more Iraqis – are dying senselessly every damn day. This has to stop. I’m so sick of it.

Anyway… in spite of all this, the weather continues to give me a reason to live. (No seriously, maybe I should be depressed but I’m not. Don’t worry.)

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