Hello, World

Wow. The Hello World Project allows you to send a message from the web or from a text-enabled cell phone, and projects the message in huge lit-up letters on a building in Mumbai, Geneva, Rio de Janeiro, or New York. You can watch the buildings by web cam and see the messages going by. I don’t know why, but this gives me a deep and inspiring feeling of global connectedness. I sent the message: “Bush lies.”

Speaking of being connected, the New York Times ran a long story this weekend about how the Dean for President campaign’s use of the Internet is empowering and energizing grassroots supporters. In my opinion, this isn’t just neat-o from a techie perspective. The underlying philosophy of it is very (small D) democratic. This philosophy, combined with the many brilliant and open-minded technologists and strategists on the campign, are why I think he will win. In fact, I think he’s the only candidate who can beat Bush next year.

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