Happy birthday to moi

Happy birthday to moi Here’s a picture of me looking out the window of the plane this morning. Today is my actual birthday, but the Birthday Extravaganza Week started Friday night at Donna’s with alabama slammers and heated debate on whether an atheist can love someone who belives in god. (Personally, I think love conquers all… but common values make a good partnership.)

Saturday I went bowling and had a delicious vegetarian dinner with the Graysmith family. Then Brian and I saw Kung Fu Hustle, which exceeded my already-high expectations. We both loved this director’s last film, Shaolin Soccer. KFH was similar but with less cheesy (and more expensive) effects, better acting, and a better script. I highly recommend it.

Then we went to a party with beer and a bonfire where I ate lots of guacamole. I heart guacamole.

Yesterday I had a productive and satisfying day and never even left the house. I mowed the lawn, installed shelves in the kitchen, made my specialty tempeh burritos, and upgraded OrangePolitics.org from WordPress 1.2 to 1.5.

So today, on this least-festive day of my Birthday Extravaganza Week, I’m 34. It’s pretty good. Stay tuned as the Extravaganza continues…

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