First, the bad news

First, the bad news I was going to wait to post this until an official announcment was made to my colleagues, but as usual our leaders are mum about big decisions, so here goes… I found out two weeks ago that I will be laid off from my job on June 30! This is not as bad as it seems.

The real losers in this story are my colleagues and my self-esteem. My career will probably turn out to be the winner. In retrospect, a change was clearly in order. As much as I like what I do at PPFA (and love how I am compensated for it), there are limits to what you can acheive when the decision-makers don’t think your work is all that important.

A great illustration of the problem with my job is the fact that other organizations value my wisdom enough to pay me to lead workshops and presentations, but I couldn’t even get on the agenda at our own conference. Something is wrong with this picture.

So, what’s next for me? Professionally, I have a number of options, and right now I am wide open to the possibilites. I may go back to the nonprofit consulting that I did for 3 years before I had this job, but doing a lot more than web development this time. I may consult for political campaigns to help them be more network-centric, if I can stomach working with mainstream Democrats. I might just get another job, I’ve applied for two so far. Or I might do something else that I haven’t thought of yet. Can I get paid for blogging and speaking at conferences? 😉

Lest I sound bitter about my job, let me say how incredibly fortunate I have been to work for PPFA these past 26 months. I learned a ton about the national political arena, I helped make possible tons of progressive, state-based, political advocacy, and I also had the chance to prove myself and my ideas. I was especially lucky to have a great boss who understood my strengths and weaknessess, was always supportive and constructive, and who really stood up for me in a sometimes-unfriendly workplace.

Next week I will post the good news.

The photo on this post is a mural on the wall of El Centro Latino in Carrboro.

14 thoughts on “First, the bad news

  1. Well, though this may be a crisotunity rather than just a crisis, let me just say: arse. I’m sorry to hear you’re being laid off. And happy birthday!

  2. D’oh! You are a swift detective, Corey. I’m busted.

    But I still know something you don’t know. 🙂 All will be revealed by next weekend.

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  4. Just throwing out the most crazy outrageous idea I could…kind of like betting on a 500 to 1 horse named “Wrong Way Jones”…if I’m even close I’ll be celebrated, if not, no one will remember. My “crackless” guess is you’re taking a pivotal role in Edwards ’08 ;-)!

    BTW, Brian will do great. To quote a famous television show “it’s easier for a civilized man to act like a barbarian than a barbarian to act civilized”.

  5. Sorry to hear about the layoff, but glad you have other opportunities, and I am excited to hear your good news!!!

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