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March Madness is in full swing, and after suffering through someone else’s not-very-well updated men’s calendar (which didn’t include tournament games!) and making my own schedule to publish the UNC women’s basketball schedule, I have finally got it all together in one place.

Introducing Ruby’s Unofficial Basketball Calendar. Never miss a game again!

This includes both the men’s and women’s teams and includes the regular season, general tournament dates, and specific times for tournament games (when they become available). You can view it on the web, subscribe to via RSS, put in your Outlook or iCal, or add it directly to your Google calendar.

Each game title is preceded by a “[M]” or “[W]” depending on which team is playing, and the TV broadcast info is included in the event description. Please try it out and let me know what you think.

And please watch the women’s games – the very last that seniors Ivory Latta and Camille Little will be playing as students at Carolina. You don’t want to miss it when we go all the way to the NCAA Championship!

4 thoughts on “Get yer red, hot schedule

  1. On this topic, the women’s championship game is scheduled during our next PB meeting so let’s wrap everything on the agenda up tonight so that we can try to have a quick meeting next time!!!

  2. Excellent point, Tom. 😉

    Also, since I didn’t make it clear above this calendar will be _ongoing_ so you can subscribe to it once and games from the 2007-08 season will show up whenever the teams’ calendars are released next year.

  3. O man did you watch the game? I think you and George and I tempted fate with our chat at the end of the meeting. Still think we should move the next one up but we shouldn’t discuss why out loud.

    But a win’s a win and I’m relieved.

  4. I know! I was actually contemplating the possibility of us not even getting into the Sweet 16… Well, attempting to contemplate – it simply did not compute.

    But did you see that Maryland is out? I stand by my prediction of 95% chance that we are IN final the game.

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