Climb the Latta with me

You may not know that I am a big fan of UNC basketball. My history with the team goes back to winning the 1982 national championship when I was an 11-year-old kid in Chapel Hill. In those days you could line up to have your picture taken with Michael Jordan at Apple Chill. Then when I was a UNC senior in 1993, they did it again! And of course last year, Brian and I got to enjoy the victory together.

It’s clear the men’s team this year is giving us a very happy surprise as they have now worked their way up to #20 in the nation. But have you been paying attention to UNC’s women’s basketball team? They are ranked #4 now, and have a real superstar on their team – Ivory Latta. She is only 5’6″ and you will see her wipe the floor with entire teams when she plays. She is full of energy and talent. And look out, because she’s only a junior!

In an effort to pay more attention to UNC’s fabulous team of women, I am doing two things. One is I am subscribing by RSS to any blog mentions of Ivory (via Technorati). The second is that I am publishing a calendar of women’s games. If you have iCal or a compatible program, you can can subscribe to this URL and get all the dates in your calendar automatically. (Brian and I already subscribe to the men’s schedule and it’s very convenient.) You can also view their schedule online at

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