Fun stuff at RootsCampSL this weekend

RootsCampSL Day Three update, and weekend preview…

Day3_002 Yesterday I led a session on basic building in Second Life which also included a great discussion about what kinds of activities and “builds” in SL are effective politically. One my favorite RootsCamp moments so far happened, when I told everyone how to manipulate objects and invited them to try to move the stools we were sitting on. Suddenly seemingly fixed objects started flying around with no respect for the laws of physics.

We also had an interesting presentation from Aldon Hynes, Technology Director of the Ned Lamont for Senate campaign. It was interesting to learn about the internal needs of a campaign and what worked well for them. I was surprised to hear that they considered whether to even have a campaign blog or just reply on the supportive community of progressive bloggers in Connecticut.

This weekend we have some very fun sessions: today at 4pm EST I will do an open thread/open house, which will be about anything we want. I may continue the SL building lessons if folks are interested. Then at 5pm the founder of the CODE PINK community in SL will lead a discussion on “Pink Jesters, Lingerie & Cyber Disobedience.” Tomorrow at 6pm there will be a session on “Using Machinima for Social Change / Political Action” with Paul Marino, Moo Money, and Beth Kanter. That should be pretty awesome.

The rest of the schedule
is already packed with goodness (see below), but you can still propose sessions any time until Tuesday afternoon.

Wed, Nov 8 1-3pm PST Session 1: Welcome, orientation, process suggestions Ruby Glitter & Drew Frobozz
Thurs, Nov 9 1-3pm PST Session 2: 2006 Debrief & Discuss
An opportunity to talk about the races in our home states and across the nation, talk about what worked and didn’t. No expertise needed, but stats are welcome.
Fri, Nov 10 1-2pm PST New to Second Life?
Discuss basic how-to’s and find out about some of the great stuff already going on in-world.
Ruby Glitter, et al
Fri, Nov 10 2-3pm PST Debriefing from the Lamont Campaign Aldon Huffhines
Sat, Nov 11 1-2pm PST Open thread/open house You
Sat, Nov 11 2-3pm PST Pink Jesters, Lingerie & Cyber Disobedience
The importance of humor and positive energy in activism
Ana Herzog of CODE PINK SL
Sun, Nov 12 2-3pm PST TBA TBA
Sun, Nov 12 3-4pm PST Using Machinima for Social Change / Political Action Paul Marino (Machinima Academy) & Moo Money (Alt-Zoom)
Mon, Nov 13 1-2pm PST Building in Second Life, tutorial & discussion Jose Rote of ACORN
Mon, Nov 13 2-3pm PST The New Politics Begins: The Next Updraft of New Tools in the Rise of 21st-Century Progressivism Peter Leyden
Mon, Nov 13 3-4pm PST Second Life political organizing and awareness raising overview Rik Riel & In Kenzo (Better World Island)
Tues, Nov 14 1-2pm PST A New Philosophy of Politics Well, everyone
Tues, Nov 14 2-3pm PST Using Second Life to Win the 2008 Presidential Election Andrew Hoppin
Tues, Nov 14 3pm-? PST Closing party you!

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