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We’re in for a treat today, basketball fans. Not only is the UNC men’s team (“we’re #23, woot!”) playing Miami. The still-#1-ranked UNC women’s team is playing Virginia and it’s on TV!

The last women’s game was the team’s very first (and only) loss of the year, the final score was 98-95 in overtime. Sounds like an amazing game. Too bad I couldn’t see it (not from my living room, anyway). The women’s games are only televised about 1/3 of the time, and I’m too lazy to get tickets to the home games (although I hope to get off my butt a few times before the year’s up). Almost all the women’s away games can be heard on the radio, featuring color commentary by Dr. Jan Boxhill – a smart and inspiring woman.

Sadly, neither men’s or women’s games can be listened to live online – yet. But I did just discover that has RSS feeds for each team.

Now to get some work done before I geek out on basketball all night….

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