Democracy Needs a Medic!

Sorry there’s no time to clean this up:

>The A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition calls on all those who have
>been involved in the anti-war movement to show their
>support for those in Miami protesting at the FTAA
>negotiations who are being brutalized and incarcerated in
>a  coordinated police state action designed to stifle
>dissent in the United States.
>Police have attacked protestors with tear gas, pepper
>spray, concussion  grenades, stun guns and by shooting
>activists with rubber bullets. Medics have not been
>allowed in through the police lines to treat the injured.
>Protestors have been grabbed, seemingly at random, and
>taken off the street in snatch operations conducted by
>police in unmarked vehicles. The police are also directly
>targeting the legal support for the demonstrators,
>including National Lawyers Guild Legal Observers. Many who
>have been taken away have been beaten.
>Your urgent help is needed now. The National Lawyers Guild
>and the Miami Activist Defense are asking that you contact
>the Mayors, the City Attorney, Police Chief Timoney and
>the media. Below is contact information -- please call or
>email now and let them know their actions will not be
>tolerated. The attack on the protestors gives lie to the
>claim that the U.S. is  fighting for democracy abroad --
>when people who participate in political dissent at home
>are subject to brutal systematic police abuse and
>government repression.
>The U.S. government in pursuit of corporate globalization
>uses all methods in its arsenal - from invasion and
>bombing to economic sanctions and IMF imposed austerity
>plans. The FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas) is
>merely another mechanism to extend the exploitative reach
>of corporate domination over the people of the Americas.
>Show your solidarity with the people in the streets of
>Miami. Miami
>Activist Defense asks that the following be contacted:
>Mayor, Miami-Dade County
>305-829-9336 home
>305-375-5071 office
>Mayor, City of Miami
>Chief of police
>City Attorney
>City Manager
>Miami City Commissioner
>305-858-7344 home
>305-250-5333 office
>Miami Dade County Commissioner
>Local media has been grossly biased in their coverage.
>While this is
>somewhat to be expected the following are numbers that
>people could call.
>CBS4: 305-639-4551, 305-639-4601, 305-639-4426
>WPLG channel 10: 305-576-6397
>WSUN Fox: 954-524-0388 (Rosh Lowe)

And here’s a message from a friend in Arizona:

> An article from the 
>"mainstream" media that covered the police brutality that occurred yesterday 
>during the FTAA protests in Miami. If you want to more about the FTAA go 
>here The article above is from a local news 
>channel in Miami. If you want to have real fun, take the little survey about 
>who's to blame for the violence that broke out during the protests. 
>Here's the article in the Wash Post 
> The New 
>York Times did cover it as well. You can't link to it unless you register 
>for an account. Both of these papers did not cover this on the front page. 
>This was "in other national news." 
>If you go to each of the major news network's websites (ABC, NBC, CBS) not 
>ONE of them is even covering this story in ANY capacity. There is NOTHING 
>about it on the CNN website, nor are they covering it on TV. I'm not even 
>going to mention Fox News, what's the point? 
>They talk about how "not as many protestors showed up as were expected." 
>What they don't talk about is how the police presence (over 2,500 cops were 
>on the street) stopped incoming buses to the area. An estimated 6,000 didn't 
>even make it there because they were stopped. 
>Rubber bullets were used liberally. Many people were severely injured. They 
>used tear gas grenades, pepper spray bullets, pepper spray, and clubs. Over 
>70 people were listed as arrested but many more are "missing." The 
>protestors, BTW, were completely non-violent. All this occurred because the 
>cops were trying to stop smaller groups of protestors from linking up with 
>each other to march together in one large group. There was no violence on 
>the part of the protestors - even after they started in with the beatings. 

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