Dear Apple

I just sent this feedback to Apple:

Today I was very excited to install Tiger on my G4 PowerBook. I have been a happy Mac owner since 1989.

I have always looked to Apple as a superior alternative to Windoze, so it’s really frustrating to see that you are increasingly using Gates-ian tactics like forcing users to use only your products to acheive the most ease of use and effectiveness.

For example, iCal should be able to send and receive invitations from any mail program (such as ThunderBird). iSync should synchronize with any ical-formatted calendar program (like Sunbird).

Also, it is ridiculous to force me to open Safari and Mail just to tell the system that they are NOT the default applications I want to use. Those settings should be in the System Preferences, not in the applications.

Please consider how you can empower instead of trap your users with this wonderful platform. Thank you for all your exellent work.

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