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Don Marti has created some code that makes a blog entry into a letter to Congress. Anyone want to make this for WordPress? Justin, Corey?

It’s a familiar complaint. “You web weenies blog until your hands fall off from carpal tunnel syndrome, but when it’s time to write a letter to Congress, you don’t have the time or you’re all elbows with the word processor.”

Well, it’s time to stop that sorry situation right now. Here’s a Blosxom flavour to turn any Blosxom entry into a letter to the appropriate member of Congress. Preview, print, and stick it in an envelope. Thank you.
Don Marti www/blog2congress.html

4 thoughts on “Blog to Congress

  1. geez, i’d rather it allow me to email a blog post to my congressman.

    but this has got me thinking out inefficient this whole “representation” thing is.

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  3. Justin, every organization with a decent web budget has an “email your Representative and Senators” form. Everyone in Congress is getting deluged with email. A postal letter counts for more.

    With the right “theme” or “flavour” you can use the blog tools you normally do, then when you’re near a printer, just view as letter, print, sign, and send.

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