Customer Service

I just sent the following to US Air customer service. The next time I
spend this much time in the air, I want to land in another country.

I am writing this message at 6:00 pm aboard USAirways flight #57 from
Charlotte to San Francisco. I will send the message when we land. This
five-hour flight departed after a THREE-hour delay on the ground. In the
four hours I have spent on this plane so far, I have not been offerred
anything other than a $5 headset by any US Air crew members. Nor has the
mother traveling with two children seated next to me. Nor has anyone
within several rows of us, received any service or courtesy from your crew.

Fifteen minutes ago, we were notified that the plane is out of food, so
about a third of the passengers on this plane will not even be given the
opportunity to pay you $10 for a small meal which was advertised on this
lengthy flight. Mistakes happen – especially today, apparently – but I
expect your crew to at least pretend to show some minimal concern for our
comfort. Why not let us off the plane while we were delayed in Charlotte,
or offer vouchers so we fan get some food in San Fransicso? In my
seatmatels words, “the crew has displayed no customer service PERIOD.”

As a business traveller, I fly three to five times per month. I have
generally found your airline preferable to the other alternatives from my
home base at Raleigh-Durham airport. This experience is having a profound
effect on my loyalty. And I believe I’m not the only one on this flight
wishing I had chosen another airline.

Ruby Sinreich
Dividend Miles # ******

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