Converging thoughts

Sue Polinsky (the conference goddess) took some pictures yesterday including one of me and Brian while I was giving Sue some advice about WordPress themes.

After some confusion, and a Paula Abdul sighting (!), we had a lovely diner with the BlogFather. In spite of the downpour, we enjoyed the cookout at the Hoggards‘ place in the lovely Aycock neighborhood last night, and met or caught up with a few Internet celebrities like Dave Slusher of Evil Genius Chronicles, Matt Gross (former Dean campaign blogger-in-chief), black republican Michael Bowen (a.k.a. Cobb), and Duncan Black (a.k.a. Atrios).

I’ve been trying to watch for others blogging about ConvergeSouth, a regular text search seems to work better than the convergesouth tag at Technorati.

4 thoughts on “Converging thoughts

  1. I attended the blog conference this past weekend and your session with Bora and David. I thought you gave a topnotch presentation and I was disappointed that I could not go to your follow up presentation on using blogging for political activism. From the discussions at the various sessions it seems that Chapel Hill is a happening place for community activism at all levels. I came out of the conference with a lot of knowledge and a better appreciation of what can blogging accomplish. I will peek into and keep up to date on the going ons in Chapel Hill.


  2. Ed Cone video about the greensboro convergesouth conference:

    A talk with well-known journalist Ed Cone about the well-attended converge south conference held in greensboro about blogging, digital media, and online journalism.

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