Colbert roasts Bush… crispy

In chatting with a lot of lefty politicos last night I was shocked to find that every last adult in the country has not heard about Stepehn Colbert’s performance at the White House Correspondents Association’s fancy annual dinner. Therefore it is my duty as a lover of democracy and free speech to spread the word!

UPDATE 5/8/06: C-SPAN made take the video down, but it’s now available (in better resolution) at Google Video.

There are three parts. You can watch them at YouTube (one, two, three), or watch the first two bits below:

The third segment is not as good (one funny joke, dragged out for too long), but you can watch it at YouTube.

Thanks to local blog Public Realm which was the first (but not the last) blog I saw this on.

Now go to and let the world know you appreciate truthiness!

7 thoughts on “Colbert roasts Bush… crispy

  1. Actually, those Colbert videos were pulled off YouTube due to “copyright infringement.” I’m not exactly sure who’s copyright since CSPAN is technically a federal government channel for the people.

  2. WTF? Give the people our video! C-SPAN should put it up on their own site. It would actually give people a reason to notice them.

  3. Well, really a DVD of Colbert’s performance should be sent to every American household. If they can do it with films about Jesus, they should do it with satire.

  4. Oh, good. So the google video link is here.

    It’s amazing how the DC press corps didn’t think Colbert was funny or even newsworthy! They wrote more about Bush’s schtick with his impersonator, which was quite dull and obvious (like the Pez, I guess).

    Fortunately, the blogosphere thought otherwise.

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