Changing Change

Inspired by conversations with Tantek Celik and Chris Messina, I’ve started a group on to support microformats, starting with XFN and Change itself.

As we invest our relationships and data there, I think we should demand that allow us to share and export our networks. XFN is an open standard for social network data. If they are really serving the community, Change should give us the ability to own and use our own data.

BTW, I am very excited about what aims to do, and their new political fund raising features have revolutionary potential, but the site is still in beta, whether they say so or not. (In other words, a lot of stuff stuff doesn’t work quite right.)

CLick here to see and join my change:

4 thoughts on “Changing Change

  1. Thanks, for your leadership and help with this y’all. I need to learn more about it myself so I can make this site more compliant.

    Chris, is there a way to put your e-mail address in an hCard without it being scrape-able by spammers?

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