BlueCross BlueShield SLAPPs NC activists

According to health care activists Procare, they are victims of a SLAPP from BlueCross BlueShield who is trying to stifle their ongoing criticism of the insurance behemoth. I first learned about SLAPP suits when they were filed against environmental activists in the 1990’s.

ProCare has been agitating against BCBS for a year or two now, it’s their sole mission. They claim to represent both patients and doctors in NC, but they are led by two political hacks, one from each major party. This means that although I usually agree with what they have to say about BCBS, but I find it very difficult to trust them at all.

Blue Cross sued ProCare… on July 1 after ProCare revealed that Blue Cross spent $478,000 at the US Open in Pinehurst. That included rooms, golf and meals for executives and their guests…

[The BCBS CEO] does not want policyholders – or the news media or legislators – to know how he is misspending money that is supposed to go to health care. Especially when the legislature is considering bills that would force Blue Cross to meet its obligations as a nonprofit.

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