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Seven months ago, I lamented about Convio buying GetActive, now Convio’s going public. I call this more bad news for nonprofits.

However, our day is also brightened by the news that the lovely and (extremely) talented Holly Ross is taking the helm at NTEN. She has ably and patiently run their Nonprofit Technology Conferences for many years and is a great choice to continue to lead NTEN. Congrats, Holly.

It must be noted that I bitched about the fact that the last time they hired a new ED (14 months ago) I only got an e-mail from NTEN and had no blog entry to link to. This time, that is certainly not the case. Well done, all.

Also, good luck to my friend and outgoing ED Katrin Verclas, who will surely find success in whatever she does. I hope it’s kicking butt with MobileActive.

1 thought on “Big NPtech news

  1. Ruby, thanks. I hope you are doing well — thinking of you. And who knows what I am going to do. I am giving myself a bit of time and space to figure that out! And yes, mobiles may be in the future, but all is wide open right now. Time to take care of myself. It’s a nice space to be in!

    Keep in touch and next time you are in NYC ping me — saw your twit/something after the fact 🙂


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