Big news for Katrin Verclas and N-TEN!

In a sign of N-TEN‘s ongoing lack of web savvy, this announcement was all over e-mail yesterday but not online anywhere… until now:

From Lynn Labieniec, Chair of the N-TEN Board:

On behalf of the N-TEN Board, I am very pleased to announce that Katrin Verclas will be our new Executive Director. Katrin will start on June 1st for a smooth transition before Joe Baker, our current Executive Director, leaves at the end of June.

The letter continues after the jump:

The board identified as key requirements for N-TEN’s leaderhip a passion for our mission, longstanding ties to our community, and experience running an organization.

After interviewing several members of our community, it was clear that Katrin’s energy, vision, and experience were a great fit for N-TEN.

N-TEN has grown under Joe’s tutelage and we are thankful for all that he has done for us. We are looking forward to what we can all accomplish with Katrin at the helm as we continue to grow and build N- TEN and support the diverse people and organizations like you who help nonprofits understand and employ technology effectively.

Please join me in welcoming Katrin to N-TEN!

Best regards,

N-TEN Board

Chair: Lynn Labieniec, CEO, Beaconfire Consulting
Vice-Chair: Gavin Clabaugh, VP, Information Systems, C.S. Mott Foundation
Treasurer: Sheeraz Haji, President & CEO, GetActive Software
Secretary: Lauren-Glenn Davitian, Executive Director, Chittenden Community Television (CCTV)
Barbara Chang, Executive Director, NPower NY
Phil Ferrante-Roseberry, Executive Director, CompuMentor
Bill Lester, CTO & Director, NinthBridge and Sr. Dir. of Technology, EngenderHealth
Jorge Martinez, Director of Information Systems, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
Randal Pinkett, President & CEO, BCT Partners
Michael Schreiber, CTO, United Way of America

6 thoughts on “Big news for Katrin Verclas and N-TEN!

  1. ummm…why does everything have to be posted on a website immediately? We’re planning on posting a message from Katrin as soon as we have that ready. but way to keep up your snarkiness! It’s good to know that you are so consistent! (you know I love that about you!)

  2. Ruby — I trust you kick our butts on ‘web-unsavvy’ and get us into gear! And we are even running a drupal site, no excuses! Just got my log-in and off I go, with news for the front page, tagged, blogged, and all 🙂 And there will be more, via email AND web. And then you better come to SF and do a little workshop, so the gals at NTEN won’t ever be accused of that again. Just had a day-ling chat with David Weinberger, by the way, on tagging and microformats – super interesting. We should chat soon! K

  3. I know I’m being a pain in the ass, but the reason it should be on the web is to facilitate other people (especially bloggers) spreading the good news! 😉

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