The illustrious Ethan Zuckerman of is in my “speed geeking” group as we hear from 10 different online resources that can help bloggers and advocacy groups. Among his many talents, Ethan is a superb blogger and he’s noting all of this so check for his notes (in a few minutes).

Ruby Sinreich is a progressive activist, local politico, online organizer, capacity builder, and social networker.

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2 comments on “SuperBlogger!
  1. Chris Blow says:

    I love that guy. Do I see from this photo that he’s in the 12″ powerbook club?

  2. Ruby says:

    Good eye, Chris!

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  1. [...] – I missed the pitch for MetaVid, but Ruby filled me in (as well as getting a good shot of me), and I love the idea. MetaVid grabs video from CSPAN and CSPAN2, encodes it with open algorithms and makes it available on the web under open licenses. Critically, they use closed captioning information and OCR to determine who’s speaking at which time, making it possible to search for clips that feature your congressperson or an issue you care about. Very, very cool. [...]

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