Nonviolence is still a radical notion

the-montgomery-storyAll of the comics in The Village Voice‘s “The 10 Most Subversive Comics at New York Comic Con” look great, but I most appreciated the shout out to John Lewis’ new book March (which I just read) as well as the Fellowship of Reconciliation‘s 1957 comic explaining nonviolent direct action.

I originally discovered The Montgomery Story when I worked at FOR. I’m so glad they are reprinting it!

“The most subversive comic available at New York Comic Con is at the Top Shelf booth, a reprint of The Montgomery Story, a comic first published in 1957 and approved by Martin Luther King Jr., who saw the pre-published pages and made editorial changes. Most important is a section in the back called “How the Montgomery Method Works,” a blueprint for passive resistance. This comic has been translated into countless languages (a Top Shelf rep showed me Spanish, Arabic, and Farsi). It’s an instruction book for changing the world, and it continues to do so.”



Sorry Not Sorry

After reading this article at Bustle by a woman who struggled to go a whole week without apologizing, I’ve decided to try it myself. Today when there was a misunderstanding over e-mail, it took me some time to figure out how to respond without apologizing because I did feel I was at fault.

Finally I came up with “I should have made that clearer.” It felt great!

Help women chose their own futures

I’ll be rolling in the the National Abortion Access Bowl-a-thon again this year, and I hope you’ll support me by making a donation on my fundraising page.

I’m raising funds for the Carolina Abortion Fund because I know fortunate I was to be able to have an abortion 25 years ago. If my family and doctor had been less supportive, I would have become a mother well before I was even ready to take care of myself.

izzy & rubyThanks to the ability to choose, and my family’s ability to PAY for it, I was able to wait until I was ready. My wonderful son is a testament to that choice.

When you support me in the Bowl-a-Thon, you’re not only directly helping a woman to access necessary medical care, you’re also giving her back the opportunity to pursue her hopes and dreams. You’re ensuring that no woman is forced to carry a pregnancy to term because she couldn’t come up with the bus fare to a distant clinic, or because she had the wrong insurance, or was short $100. You’re helping a woman decide her future.

repro justive leagueThank you for supporting me and my team, the Reproductive Justice League (at right) and the Carolina Abortion Fund to lower barriers for women who want and need abortions. See this page to see how we’re doing:

Thank you, HASTAC

I’m feeling incredibly grateful this Thanksgiving for the past four and a half years I’ve been working for HASTAC, and especially fortunate to have worked with such amazingly smart and supportive teammates at Duke.

At the end of January, I will be leaving HASTAC for a new adventure as the Network Organizer with the Leading Change Network. I’ll be working with the great Marshall Ganz and many other incredible activists who are organizing for justice all over the world! I’m so excited to come back to advocacy, my spiritual home.

Local officials need to respond to state politics

Cross-post from OrangePolitics.

A recent column by Kirk Ross in the Chapel Hill News makes very clear how increasingly relevant the N.C. General Assembly’s shenanigans are to us here at the local level. In the past, many have debated the utility of municipal and county governments weighing in with symbolic resoluitions about state and national issues. Well pardon my French, but sh*t just gotreal in Raleigh this summer.

Kirk calls on candidates to make clear what they would do to deal with many draconian budget cuts that will be painfully trickling down to us in months and years to come. This also points to why we need local officials to stand up and lead by fighting back against Art Pope, ALEC, and the other forces that want to drag down our entire state. I may be biased, but my friends the five Orange County elected officals that got arrested at Moral Monday are a great example of this. If you didn’t see it, please watch this video (embedded below) of Carrboro Mayor Mark Chilton clearly explaining his constutional rights while being arested by the Capitol Police.

Back to Kirk:

Too often local officials get away with expressing frustration and promising to lobby the local legislative delegation for this issue or that. This year, expect to hear a lot of candidates say they are outraged, but ultimately powerless when it comes to what Raleigh does. That is unacceptable.

If you want to lead a town or a school system in this era you need a plan for dealing with the agenda of the state’s far-right power structure and its consequences. And you owe the voters at least a glimpse of what that plan is, because that slash-and-burn agenda is not going to stop just because the session has ended. And next year, there are already indications that even more changes are in store for cities and towns and public education.

You may have heard about what the Legislature has done to Asheville’s water system and Charlotte’s airport and how the two cities are now suing the state. These may have come across as parochial battles, but they should be clear warnings to anyone in local government.

– Kirk Ross: We must be ready the next time, 7/26/2013

This is what leadership looks like:

I highly recommend regular reading of The Carolina Mercury to stay informed about how our state is being run.

Yahoo is the weakest link – but still strong enough!

Last night, someone (probably Isolate, the same loser who did it last time) tried to hack into my online identity.

Last night I received an unsolicited password reset e-mail from Twitter. I ignored it but kept a watchful eye. A few moments later I got a slew of messages from Yahoo.

7:32pm: Password reset requested. (Ignored.)

7:53pm: [a service commonly used by spammers] was added to my account.

7:55pm: My password was reset.

7:56pm: My actual e-mail address was removed from the account.

Then they took my cell phone number off the account and changed my security questions. I braced for impact, hoping that that multi-factor authentication that I added to all my accounts after being hacked in May would withstand the assault.

And it did! I sent  messages to Yahoo via Twitter at 9:36pm and via their webform at 9:47pm, and at 11:35pm they acknowledged it but only via e-mail to my unused Yahoo address. It looks like someone also tried to get into an old Dreamhost account from a former client, but the account was already suspended.

Today I was able successfully reset my password and remove all the junk settings. I already had 2-step authentication turned on for this account so I’m not sure how it got hacked anyway, but I’m glad it didn’t go too far.

Although it was very likely the same teenager from Las Vegas doing the hacking, whoever it was made it seem like they were logging in from Europe:

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 8.14.25 PM

It’s a shame about Flickr

I just returned from a busy and fun week with my son visiting family and seeing lots of New York City! I posted some of our pictures on Flickr, but had so much trouble with it that I am seriously considering moving to another photo site, as so many of my friends have done.

One of the many problems is that I can’t seem to embed albums anymore! Until I figure this out, here’s the link: