I stand for a free and open Internet.

A few weeks ago as many of us were patriotically wishing a happy birthday to the United States of America, a coalition of organizations including the ACLU and EFF launched a Declaration of Internet Freedom. I love how simple they kept it, while also encouraging engagement with the statement in a variety of online communities. The declaration is below, in text as well as the obligatory infographic format.

Irrepressible content

Another great online strategy from Amnesty International: to counter growing censorship and repression of Internet speech, they have created http://Irrepressible.info where you can sign a pledge for Internet freedom and get your own badge to dynamically display censored content on your own blog. Por ejemplo: They also have a public API! (They do lose points […]

Will the real Dr. Martin Luther King please stand up

I was disgusted to learn that the web site martinlutherking-dot-org is an effort to discredit the man who tried to so hard to heal this nation’s sick, racist soul. Fortunately, bloggers are fighting back! To participate in this effort to Google bomb Dr. King back to reality just copy the text suggested here, and feel […]

Calling all geeky politicos…

I know I can’t be the only one. Following on the success of BarCamps around the world, where geeks get together to share information and build community in a collaborative “unconference” format, folks are organizing RootsCamps for progressive organizers to debrief the 2006 election and talk about next steps. My colleague Andrew Hoppin and I […]

Greensboro keeping the faith

What better place for such a protest than the city where the Greensboro Four sparked a nationwide sit-in movement for integration? Four openly gay college students wouldn’t take no for an answer Thursday morning when they were refused enlistment into the Army. The students conducted a sit-in at the Greensboro Army Recruitment Center. Three of […]