Help women chose their own futures

I’ll be rolling in the the National Abortion Access Bowl-a-thon again this year, and I hope you’ll support me by making a donation on my fundraising page.

I’m raising funds for the Carolina Abortion Fund because I know fortunate I was to be able to have an abortion 25 years ago. If my family and doctor had been less supportive, I would have become a mother well before I was even ready to take care of myself.

izzy & rubyThanks to the ability to choose, and my family’s ability to PAY for it, I was able to wait until I was ready. My wonderful son is a testament to that choice.

When you support me in the Bowl-a-Thon, you’re not only directly helping a woman to access necessary medical care, you’re also giving her back the opportunity to pursue her hopes and dreams. You’re ensuring that no woman is forced to carry a pregnancy to term because she couldn’t come up with the bus fare to a distant clinic, or because she had the wrong insurance, or was short $100. You’re helping a woman decide her future.

repro justive leagueThank you for supporting me and my team, the Reproductive Justice League (at right) and the Carolina Abortion Fund to lower barriers for women who want and need abortions. See this page to see how we’re doing:

I stand for a free and open Internet.

A few weeks ago as many of us were patriotically wishing a happy birthday to the United States of America, a coalition of organizations including the ACLU and EFF launched a Declaration of Internet Freedom. I love how simple they kept it, while also encouraging engagement with the statement in a variety of online communities. The declaration is below, in text as well as the obligatory infographic format.

Individuals are invited to sign it at  AccessACLUCREDOEFF or Free Press, and to comment on it at on redditTechdirtCheezburger (yes, really!), Github and Rhizome. They have also invited organizations to sign on. I signed it on behalf of HASTAC, where I work. Have you or will you sign it?

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Don’t shop tomorrow

BND Happy Thanksgiving! I try to emphasize the gratitude part of this holiday and less of the consumption of turkey and everything else in sight. Don’t forget tomorrow is Buy Nothing Day – a great time to reconnect with your community and avoid the throngs who are beginning their yuletide season by buying lots of crap made in China.

If you are in Chapel Hill, stop by Internationalist Books who always have a fun program of skill shares, free food, swap meet, and no books for sale!

Irrepressible content

Another great online strategy from Amnesty International: to counter growing censorship and repression of Internet speech, they have created where you can sign a pledge for Internet freedom and get your own badge to dynamically display censored content on your own blog.

Por ejemplo:

They also have a public API! (They do lose points for having a typo in the code for the badge above. Good thing I know how to spell “fragments” and fixed it myself.)


As Brian said:

America is so lucky to have had a human like Dr. Martin Luther King born among us. His work reaches way into the future and teaches us still. I’m confident many many future generations will benefit from his work.

When I listen to his speech Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence I want to cry. Not because of the horrors that he speaks against but because of the beauty of his soul. Dr. King was RIGHT! WAR IS WRONG!

Please read a transcript or listen to his Beyond Vietnam speech. It could so easily be said today and be called Beyond Iraq.
Beyond Iraq: King is right! at

We best honor the man by remembering his words and actions so that we may continue the struggle that he brought to the forefront of the American psyche. Volunteer if you like, but King’s legacy is ACTION.

Read or listen here.

Will the real Dr. Martin Luther King please stand up

I was disgusted to learn that the web site martinlutherking-dot-org is an effort to discredit the man who tried to so hard to heal this nation’s sick, racist soul. Fortunately, bloggers are fighting back! To participate in this effort to Google bomb Dr. King back to reality just copy the text suggested here, and feel free to click on the informative links below as I do the same.

Thanks to Chris Lackey for posting Dr. King’s mugshot, and reminding us of the real, radical leader who was treated like a criminal by US government for protesting its racist policies. One of my favorites of his writing is the Letter from Birmingham Jail in which he explained to a group of well-meaning white religious leaders why we can’t wait. This is the man I will remember on Monday.

Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King

Thanks to Greensboro blogger Sean Coon for the heads up about this.

Calling all geeky politicos…

I know I can’t be the only one. Following on the success of BarCamps around the world, where geeks get together to share information and build community in a collaborative “unconference” format, folks are organizing RootsCamps for progressive organizers to debrief the 2006 election and talk about next steps. My colleague Andrew Hoppin and I are taking it one step further, to the new(ish) frontier of Second Life!

We are organizing RootsCampSL which will be a series of daily meetings with different discussion topics and speakers that will also address the brand new field of virtual campaigning in Second Life. i will post more details as they become available. For now, here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Join our in-world meeting today at 5pm eastern, at the Tech Soup office on Information Island.
  2. Visit the wiki page for RootsCampSL, where you can make suggestions and add yourself to the attendee list
  3. Join our Google Group and help us organize the event(s).
  4. If you are already a member of SecondLife, join our group “SL Netroots”.
  5. Spread the word by sending this link to your friends:

Greensboro keeping the faith

What better place for such a protest than the city where the Greensboro Four sparked a nationwide sit-in movement for integration?

Four openly gay college students wouldn’t take no for an answer Thursday morning when they were refused enlistment into the Army.

The students conducted a sit-in at the Greensboro Army Recruitment Center.

Three of the four, Matthew Comer, Jessica Arvidson and Alexandria Nini, were arrested and charged with second-degree trespassing.
Students protest military’s gay ban – Daily Tar Heel

Hacktivism paper released

Inspired the by the latest Yes Men actions – see their parody websites for Haliiburton and the WTOAlexandra Samuel has decided to release the full text of her PhD disseration on Hacktivism and the Future of Political Participation.

Is this ever timely! The paper’s conclusion “pulls it all back together and reflects on how hacktivism has been wrongly conflated with cyberterrorism as part of of the post 9/11 age of anxiety.”

I can’t wait to read it. But at 284 pages, I might be better off reading the chapter summaries on her web site. Thanks so much for publishing this and reminding us of it’s continuing relevance, Alex!