Jew blogs, or is that Jews blog?

I was listed on Jewish Blogniks except I was in the non-Jew section! But I’m not complaining, the section was called “some outstanding bloggers of the known universe.” I guess on the Internet, no-one can tell you’re a Jew.

I was pretty excited to find in this list of jewish blogs Dear Bubbie and Zadie. I had my own Bubbie (my grandfather’s mother) and Sadie (her cousin, I think). They went from New York to Miami Beach every winter to stay at the Surfcomber (way before South Beach was cool – or expensive). Bubbie lived to be over 100! Anyway, this other Bubbie and Zadie (not mine) answer letters from kids who want to write to someone other than Santa Claus. Right on.

Daniel Halevi Bloom, a freelance editor and reporter, invented these Jewish grandparents (the names are Yiddish for Grandma and Grandpa) in 1983 to bring Hanukkah alive for children, particularly those without living grandparents. Back then the medium was snail mail, but Mr. Bloom reckons that today’s Bubbie and Zadie are e-mail users.

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