I’m! In! Wonkette!!!

Wonkette posted Rik’s machinima of the protest – without attribution :-( – and generally made fun of us, called us hippies, etc. As Rik pointed out: “there’s no such thing as bad publicity.” And as I replied: “there’s also no such thing as a kind word from Wonkette.” In other words, I’m honored to be on the receiving end of their snark.

Give it up for liberals: they managed to find the one way left to make traditional protests even more ineffectual and embarrassing. Have ‘em on the internet!
‘Second Life’ War Protest Ensures Continued Occupation of Iraq For Next 1,000 Years – Wonkette

Unfortunately, this post wasn’t nearly as funny as most Wonkette entries, but it’s a start. I see we’ve caused them to create a new category for politics in Second Life, so we’re clearly having some kind of impact, ;-)

Here’s Rik’s machinima video with music by Sweet Honey in the Rock. I understand a longer video may be in the works.

Ruby Sinreich is a progressive activist, local politico, online organizer, capacity builder, and social networker.

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4 comments on “I’m! In! Wonkette!!!
  1. Rik Riel says:

    Actually its the first track on the “Panther” movie soundtrack, featuring a boatload of R&B vocalists including Aaliyah, TLC, En Vogue, BlackGirl, SWV, and Vanessa Williams.

    Mad love for Sweet Honey, too!

  2. Ruby says:

    My bad, I was sure I had heard that tune before. Who is the artist or was it a combination of tracks?

  3. Name says:

    “Wonkette posted Rik’s machinima of the protest – without attribution :-( -”

    So where is the attribution for these YouTube videos?


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