Carolina is now out of the NCAA tournament after losing to Georgetown 96-84. I believe UNC has had 7 losses this season, but this was by far the most inexplicable. After leading throughout most of the game, Georgetown started to make a scoring run while UNC started to shoot nothing but high-risk 3-point shots, missing every single one until the final seconds of the game.

By the end when they were down by 10 points with a minute left, I could understand putting up 3-pointers. But we were ahead until we started using that strategy. Then the game went into overtime in which we scored no points until last 8 seconds. Roy Williams is a great coach, but I can’t understand what they were thinking with this strategy. Someone needs to explain.

Fortunately, the season is not over for the women, who play in the Sweet 16 against George Washington tonight at 9:30. I expect them to stay in this tournament until the bitter (or sweet) end!

1 thought on “WTF UNC?

  1. I chalked it up to lack of poise and maturity, not strategy. I.e., reacting to lots of pressure late in the game by going for the big score. They should have been going inside, drawing fouls.

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